What we do

A research company designed a novel system to map underground geological features in the search for oil. We learned how the system operated and wrote the user manual.

The system deployed ruggedised hardware driven by very complex software. We worked very closely with the software designers so we could write clear operating instructions at an appropriate level of detail for the user.

An Industrial Automation company designed and built a series of machines that produced, tested and packaged contact lenses from raw polymer material. We wrote the operating and maintenance manuals for their customers.

These were room-sized machines incorporating electrical, pneumatic, mechanical and computer systems. We worked closely with the machine designers to ensure the manuals covered instructions and warnings for safe, problem free operation that was compliant with CE Marking directives.

This company's cutting-edge Radar checks airport runways are free of debris. The Radar system was designed for remote operation and integrated mechanical, electronic and microwave sub-systems. This was a large project and we worked with all the technical groups to produce installation, operating and maintenance manuals.

We used Simplified English for the manuals since the system is for world-wide use where English may not be the user's first language. This company had a well-defined corporate image so we used their style guides when writing the manuals.

An independent inventor designed a power tool for fast and accurate cutting of plastic pipes, for example those used for mains gas and drainage. We wrote the user instructions.

This tool will be used outdoors in muddy holes by people wearing protective clothing, so the usual paper manual was not appropriate. The instructions we designed were brief and mainly pictorial. They were printed on waterproof and tear-proof polymer paper then attached to the tool's storage bag.

Spirent designs world-leading GPS Simulators, which are complex hardware and software test systems. They allow manufacturers of satellite navigation receivers to test their designs in controlled, virtual environments. Our user manuals and help files provide a clear method for using this sophisticated test equipment.

Spirent's Simulators are continuously improved and extended, which means we update the manuals on a regular basis. Our depth of understanding of this product and the relationship built with the company ensures fast correct updating.

Spirent wanted to demonstrate their software controlled Simulators performing typical GPS receiver tests. We used screen capture software to show Spirent Simulators performing typical test scenarios. We enhanced the screen captures with text and visual cues to clarify the test process and the operation of Spirent's software.

Screen capture videos can demonstrate a process, a product or an idea. They can be produced in multiple formats to view practically anywhere. Content can include stills and audio, as well as video. A series of short videos following one format and style is a great way to share information 'bites'.

This company designed and manufactured a novel 3G antenna system, allowing several network operators to share one set of antennas. We wrote the installation, maintenance and operating manuals for the system.

We have a background in Microwave and RF design so we had a good understanding of the technical details and specifications. This meant we understood what level of technical information the operator needed to use and maintain the system. Clear and concise information, with appropriate technical content, helps the operator install and use the equipment as intended.